Esoteric Philosopher: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom

The Way of Resistance To Evil

The Alice Leighton Cleather Basil Crump 1929 attack on Theosophy
Teaching planned by Hierarchy
No further messenger until 1975
Mother of the World
Dear Friends of Humanity and of the Ageless Wisdom
The original Sanskrit root of the Satanic races
Pre Adamic Satanic Races
The Golden Wheel Head Centre
Shigatse and Tda-shi-Hlumpo Monastery
The Forbidden City
Red Caps and Sect Worship
Five India's
The Lotus Sleep
Entrenched with Debt
Cosmic Etheric Vision and Septenary Clairvoyance
HPB: The Hierarchial Link
The Ocean of Reasoning: Tsong Khapa
The Essence of True Eloquence: Tsong khapa
A Golden Lotus Sutra
Three buddhic vestures, three human vehicles.
The Source Measure 43
Third sub plane of the Fifth manasic plane
Initiations and Atomic Matter
Telepathic/Etheric Transmission
Divine Light of the Cosmic Atom
Book of Imperfections
Magnetic power of Master
Formula of Creative Combinations
Golden Rays of the Sun
Radiation of the Master
Etheric plane vibrational frequencies
Cosmic Physical plane vibrational frequencies
Formula of Karmic Mass: Km = mdlc²
Differentiated Molecules
Light and Matter United
The 49/I/6 VIOLET/White/Red
Hiawatha: Line of the Red Ray
Zionist Movement: The seperating door
A stand against Soviet Communism
"the central triangle at the heart"
The Race for the Atom Bomb
The Zionist Question Today
Age Of Aquarius @ 1945
Failure to register adequate dynamic incentives
First Ray Magnetic Corruption
Sevenfold Intent to Destroy
Higher and Lower Ray expressions as used by the White and Black Lodges
The Black Master
The Horoscope, Invalid Upon Liberation
Fenian Dynamiters The Clan na Gael
The Fourth Fundamental of the Ageless Wisdom
The Dark Star, Carbonic Gas and the Global Atmosphere
The Jurassic Period and the Lords of the Flame
Manifestation, Withdrawal And Externalization Of Hierarchy
Significance of the year 1945
The Divine Avatars Maitreya Christ, Maitreya Buddha.
A "culture of respect."
Age Of Aquarius & The Years 1900, 1945, and 2035.
Ida, Pingala, and the Central Sushumna.
Fervid Gold And Gold Fever
Colonel H. S. Olcott And Abraham Lincoln
Colonel H. S. Olcott
The Red Rajputs And The Moryan Dynasty
Ozone And Climatic Conditions On Earth
Clouds the Atmosphere and Meteoric Dust
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Four Requirements" Refinement of the physical body is an Essential
The Freedom Of The Seven Solar Systems
Shining Face and Alkaid: A minor constellation. One of the Seven.
The Leading Great Rishi and Pleiad, Alkaid And Alcylone
The Law of Solar Union and The Cycle Of Sunship
Seven Rishis, Seven Timekeepers
The 'Sacred Triangle of all-inclusive Force'
Mars: Karttikeya. Agnibhu "fire born."
August Neptune: Arisen over the Horizon
Earth Base, reproduction of third un-named scheme.
Thomas Alva Edison
J.W. Keely, un-conscious Occultist. A "natural-born magician."
Keely, Edison and Tesla.
J.W. Keely and the Vril
Sedna and Xena
The Christ in the KH Letters
Earth Kundilini Base Scheme, Eventual Heart Triangle
Eire : Ireland
Tara And The Druids
Sisera and the Battle Of Megiddo
Root - Sub Races
Rays And Jewels
The Dark Ones
Cycles of Pralaya and the Rise to Sunship in future Kalpas
The Divine Circulatory Flow of the Cosmic Mother/Love
Obsession And Behavioural Problems
Vaisyas and Sudras shall tread the highest path
The School for Warriors
The School of Beneficent Magicians
The Schools of Aspiration and Painful Endeavor
Earth Mercury Anguish Aspiration
"mass intellectual wrong emphasis"
Magnetism, Radiation, Attraction and Repulsion
Austerity And Sternness
The Way of Resistance To Evil
Light or Darkness?
The Five Kumaras Of Manasic Energy
Four Kumaras: The Holy Four
The Ancient Of Days And William Blake
Plato: The Great Thinker
The Blood
Criminality: A Psychic Disease
Labor: a battle with chaos
H.P.B. And The Battle Of Mentana
Fohat, Para-Fohat, Pan-Fohat!
Treason And The Traitor
Jesus/Joshua, Appollonius, Origen.
Bruce Lee: The Worrier Within. The Art of the Soul.
Opinion, from Latin opnr, to think.
Mars: Her Descher. The Red One.
Mt. Everest
The Year 1952
The Year 1936
Poles Of Light And Darkness
Zero Ray
Diamonds Are Forever
Respiration, Prana, Breath, Ozone:
"racial purity"
Intoxicants and Narcotics
The Chohan Hilarion: The Annunciator!
Henry Lewis Stimson
Cosmic Dust
Egypt, Chemi, Kham.
The United States: Banner Of Light Against Totalitarianism
John Law: Corrupt Scottish Financier
New Orleans: Seven Brothers of the Blood
Black Holes@Zero Points, Laya Centers and Gravitation
The Vitrified Forts of Scotland
7x7=49 degrees of the Negative pole and of the Positive pole.
Teachings on the Third Reich
Tamas and Teros
Arhat, Adept, Chohan.
Hatha Yoga
Port Said (bûr sacîd)
Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Lord Lytton.
A Christian reflection On the New Age
T. Subba Rao
Hitlers Indian Army
Winston Churchill
Otto von Bismarck and the Realm of the Holy Roman Empire
William Q. Judge
Lord Ripon Governor-General Viceroy of India and Grand Master Mason
Venus, Light Bearer To Earth:
Great Britain/Prydian and Llyn-llion/Lyonness
Gaza Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Benjamin Disraeli 'Beaconsfield' 1st Earl of
Telepathic Discourse and the Amanuensis
Napolean The Great
The Pancreas
The Spleen, Organ Of Solar Prana
Kashmere: Brahman Mahatma Of the Lunar Race.
The Roman Empire

I, the Master, know thee O my God, by the spirit, which thou hast given to me, and by the Holy Spirit I have faithfully hearkened to thy marvellous Counsel.  Master Jesus.  Dead Sea Scrolls.
Pilate, who washed his hands and showed NON-RESISTANCE to the greatest evil when it was in his power to arrest it, prepared for himself the hardest destiny. LHR2.

The third Logos, or Brahma, is characterized by active intelligence.  Therefore:

His goal is the perfect blending of Spirit and matter.
His function is the manipulation of prakriti, or matter, so as to make it fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit.
His mode of action is rotary, or, by the revolution of matter, to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable.
All these three concepts are governed by the Law of Economy, which is the Law of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of least resistance. TCF 143.
We need to remember that on the Path of Involution, the action of Brahma is primarily felt, seeking the line of least resistance. On the Path of Evolution the work of the second Logos is felt, beginning at a point in time and space which hides the mystery of the second chain, but finding its point of accelerated vibration or the unification of the two modes of manifestation - rotary-spiral-cyclic - in the middle part of what we call the third chain. TCF 144.
The matter aspect always follows the line of least resistance, and repulses all tendency to group formation, while Spirit, governed by the Law of Attraction, seeks ever to separate itself from matter by the method of attracting an ever more adequate type of matter in the process of distinguishing the real from the unreal, and passing from one illusion to another until the resources of matter are fully utilized. TCF 144.
The sun sign. - This sign indicates the present problem of the man; it sets the pace or the established tempo of his personality life; it is related to quality, temperament and the life tendencies which are seeking expression during this particular incarnation, and it is suggestive of the rajasic or the activity aspect of the innate man. Fundamentally, the forces here found are indicative of the line of least resistance.     
The ascendant or rising sign indicates the intended life or immediate soul purpose for this incarnation. It holds the secret of the future and presents the force which, rightly used, will lead the man to success. It represents the sattvic or harmony aspect of life and can produce right relationship between soul and personality in any one incarnation. It thus points the way to the recognition of the force of the soul. EA 19.
JC: The Rising sign indicates the way of greater resistance, confliction with personality.  The Battle!  Taking the line of most resistance is incompatible with the "smooth way" of non resistance to evil or abstraction from matter.
You rescue me from the jealousy of liars, from the congregation of those who seek the smooth way. Psalm 4 Master Jesus DSS .
JC: The "Smooth Way" the way of the profane, the "ignorant masses" the multitude.  The way that amounts karma of the personality the line of "least resistance" through conflict, destruction and seperation and dis-harmony.
The line of least resistance, "the way of familiar approach", as it is sometimes esoterically called. EP2 69.
JC: The way of un-familiar approach is the way of greater resistance and constitutes the Occult way of pain and suffering. Of non-passive resistance.
This Law of Economy causes matter always to follow the line of least resistance, and is the basis of the separative action of atomic matter.
The rhythms of the personality are stabilized and constitute your line of least resistance. DINAI 100.
It is the line of aspiration and of conscious endeavor, and is the most difficult line of development in the solar system, for it follows not along the line of least resistance, but seeks to initiate and impose a higher rhythm. IHS 97.
They shamed me with lies from their mouth. But you helped the soul of the poor and the weak, you saved me from their harsh arms, you redeemed me amid their taunts. From the wicked I do not fear destruction. Psalm 4 Master Jesus DSS.
The Sun sign, as indicating life trends which are already established and which constitute the line of least resistance. EA 31.
Mercury indicates that the line of least resistance for humanity is harmony through conflict, for Mercury expresses the fourth ray energy which is buddhic, intuitional and expressive of the Christ, as Mercury and the Sun are one. EA 127.
Only through resistance to evil (and in this world period and in this kali-yuga, as the Eastern teachers call it, it is an essential basic attitude) can karma be brought to an end. EA 444.
The line of least resistance for the masses is the selfish impulse, and there lies the major point of attack by the Forces of Light.  EXT 648.
The Black Lodge is also far more advanced in externalization than is the White Lodge, because materialism and matter are, for it, the line of least resistance. The Black Lodge is therefore far more firmly anchored upon the physical plane than is the Hierarchy. It requires a much greater effort for the White Lodge to "clothe itself in matter and work and walk on material levels" than for the Black Lodge. EXT 689.
Those who dwell in the dust, like those on the sea, are terrified by the roar of the waters. But she who carries dead seed in her womb suffers waves from a pit of horror. The foundations of the wall will rock like a ship on the face of the waters. Clouds will bellow.
All those wise men are like mariners on the deep: their wisdom confounded by the roaring seas. The abyss boils over the fountains of water. The seas rage. Hell opens, and arrows fly toward Heaven. There, eternal bars are bolted. Psalm 5 Master Jesus DSS.
I thank you, O Lord. You illumined my face by your covenant. I seek you, As sure as the dawn you appear as perfect light.
Teachers of lies have comforted your people and now they stumble, foolishly. They abhor themselves and do not esteem me through whom your wonders and powers are manifest... They preach lies. They are dissembling prophets. They devise baseness against me, exchanging your teaching, written in my heart, for smooth words. They deny knowledge to the thirsty. Psalm 8. Master Jesus. DSS.
Similarly, Pilate, who washed his hands and showed NON-RESISTANCE to the greatest evil when it was in his power to arrest it, prepared for himself the hardest destiny. LHR2.
JC: Resistance to evil brings release from matter, Tamas. Soul/Spiritual energy burns unceasingly the oily sheath producing friction and a burning of the negative veiling Tamasic atoms.
The Aspect of Bliss, or Will, imposes on Matter the quality of Inertia - Tamas, the power of resistance, stability, quietude. TCF 1135.
JC: Least Resistance, resistance to Rajas, activity and greater friction or resistance.
The law of matter still governs in the three worlds of human experience and - "fire by friction" must burn up that which veils the steadily increasing brilliance of solar fire. EA 444.
Spiritualism, in its lowest and material aspect, is a low grade expression of the seventh ray and is -for the masses - definitely a line of least resistance, and, therefore, of no great spiritual importance to their evolutionary development. DN 44.
Eventual heaven which we can attain if we fall back upon unthinking faith and blind acceptance of all that theology can tell us. Relatively easy to believe, this is the line of least resistance to the majority. It is difficult to fight one's way to that stage of experience where the divine program for man becomes clear, and the possibilities which Christ dramatized for us become something permitting us no rest until we have transmuted it into personal experience, through the experiment of initiation. Beth 81.
JC: "the possibilities which Christ dramatized" were the Initiations into the Kingdom of Sanat Kumara, our Logos of Endless Summers, and constitute the way of Greatest Resistance and of pain, is incompatable with the "Smooth way" of non resistance to evil as was recorded by the Master Jesus. Smooth words denote all spoken that defiles or denies all truth of the Lord of eternal will and might and of Endless Summers and Ancient of Days.
Thou has caused the straying spirit to return that it may enter into a covenant with thee, and stand before thee forever in the everlasting abode, illuminated with perfect light forever, with no more darkness, for un-ending seasons of joy and un-numbered ages of Peace.
I, the Master, know thee O my God, by the spirit, which thou hast given to me, and by the Holy Spirit I have faithfully hearkened to thy marvellous Counsel. In the mystery of thy Wisdom thou hast opened knowledge to me and in thy mercies thou hast unlocked for me the fountain of thy Might. Psalm 23 Master Jesus DSS.
Pain is that upward struggle through matter which lands a man at the Feet of the Logos; pain is the following of the line of the greatest resistance and thereby reaching the summit of the mountain; pain is the smashing of the form and the reaching of the inner fire; pain is the cold of isolation which leads to the warmth of the central Sun; pain is the burning in the furnace in order finally to know the coolness of the water of life; pain is the journeying into the far country, resulting in the welcome to the Father's Home. DINA1 677.
Teachers of lies have comforted your people and now they stumble, foolishly. They abhor themselves and do not esteem me through whom your wonders and powers are manifest. They have banished me from my land like a bird from its nest, and my friends and neighbors are driven from me. They think me a broken pot. Psalm 8. Master Jesus. DSS.
Detachment is the path of least resistance for a first ray nature, and (if you will permit me to say so and will accept this statement) indicates definitely the dominance at this time of personality reactions. Your second ray soul does not sanction detachment, and hence the conflict being waged within your consciousness.  DINA2 532.
They made my life a ship on the deep sea, like a fortified city circled by agressors. I hurt like a woman in labor bearing her first child, whose belly pangs torture her in the crucible. Pains of Hell for a son come on the waves of death. She labors to bear a man, and among the waves of death she gives birth to a manchild, with pains of Hell. Psalm 5 Master Jesus DSS.
Here we can see the beginning of that agelong duel between Spirit and matter, which is characteristic of manifestation, one aspect working under the Law of Attraction, and the other governed by the Law of Repulsion. From aeon to aeon the conflict goes on, with matter becoming less potent. Gradually (so gradually as to seem negated when viewed from the physical plane) the attractive power of Spirit is weakening the resistance of matter till, at the close of the greater solar cycles, destruction (as it is called) will ensue, and the Law of Repulsion be overcome by the Law of Attraction. TCF 154.
The line of least resistance is not the law for this aspect. The attractive power of Spirit in form-building, and in the adaptation of the form to the need, is the secret of the pain and resistance in the world; pain is only caused by resistance, and is a necessary phase in the process of evolution. TCF 215.
Only the human Monads, and only in the three worlds, follow the positive line, and by resistance, struggle, battle and strife learn the lesson of divine acquiescence. TCF 575.
JC: The line of greater resistance is the Positive line for spiritual evolution.
The positive can always manipulate the negative. When the negative line is followed and the line of least resistance to that which is no principle, is pursued, then we have evil. TCF 618.
The devas follow the line of least resistance, and seek to appropriate and experience in fullest tide of feeling and sentiency the vibration of things as they are. Therefore the method for them is an ever-increasing intensity of appreciation for the feeling of the moment, and not, as in man, an ever-increasing depreciation of things as they are, or of the material aspect, which leads to an endeavor to reach out and enfold within his consciousness the subjective reality, or the things of the spirit - this in contradistinction to the objective unreality, or the things of matter. IHS 97.
As was before intimated, Resistance, being one aspect of God, God in conjunction with you, i.e., the power you had thus far evolved, was sufficient to exorcise any spirit of "evil" or "devil"–any conjunction of evil forces which could possibly gain control of you, but God could not do so alone. Your cooperation was necessary, the primal effort must come from the organic you. You–Yourself had to resist or to offer no resistance as the case might be.
If you will bear continuously in mind that you, yourself, consciously or unconsciously set up the rate of motion of every form or current of Cosmic energy that touches your life, you will be led into many paths of knowledge hitherto sealed to you, paths which your continual persistent disobedience and rebellion are constantly sealing, in spite of all the efforts of your Elder Brothers to unseal them a little way in order that a thirst for still deeper knowledge might be aroused in you. You might be saved the long eras of wasted lagging days and years, as have so many races of men in this and other ages, and as it would seem, it must be even unto the end of the Maha Yuga, yes, I repeat, even unto the end. TT2 164. Hilarion.
Jeremy Condick

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